About Us

B.F. Builders Inc. was founded in 1959 by two partners, Glen R. Jantz and Harold Wedel, and is now a second generation equal partnership owned and managed by four sons of Harold Wedel. B.F. Builders, Inc. has maintained good credit capability and an excellent relationship with their bonding and surety company over many years, having never failed to complete a project or filed any claims.

Denton Wedel, Corporate President

Denton's current role is working as project manager and site superintendent. His strong point focuses on excellent workflow management with a solid understanding of all phases and types of construction systems. Denton maintains excellent relationships with the engineers and architects on the projects. He also establishes very good communication and relations with the subcontractors and employees.

Cecil Wedel, Corporate Vice President

Cecil is a hands-on person keen on quality control and possesses incredible skills involving all phases of site work and concrete. He has many years of experience in operation and management of our equipment fleet. Cecil also establishes very good communication and relationships with the subcontractors and employees on the projects he manages.

Randal Wedel, Corporate Secretary

Randal's current role is construction supervision from estimating to commissioning on a wide variety of projects types. Randal's strong points are early detection of potential weaknesses in design and structural integrity and in overall workflow. His understanding of this has granted him the position of managing most projects that involve structural concrete and complex design. Randal also focuses on total key management of employee, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Ivan Wedel, Corporate Treasurer

Ivan's primary focus is general administration and financial controller. Ivan also possesses the skills necessary to assist in project management, including estimating, coordination, and cost control. Many years of experience in contract procurement, permit processing, change orders, and other tasks relating to project general conditions are additional skills that provide another dimension of integrated control that enables B.F. Builders Inc. to operate effectively with projects that are heavy in administration.

Contact us at (208) 267-3592 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, for quality construction.